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BBQ Equipment & Coconut BBQ Fuel







BBQ Equipment and Coconut BBQ Fuel
Our Green Energy Barbecue Equipment works by super-heating our green energy charcoal in our specialty barbecue appliance which then converts the coconut charcoal into a gaseous state which smokes the food till it cooks.

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Smoker is priced at GBP 750 per unit delivered to Mainland UK. Introductory price is GBP 650.00 per unit with free delivery anywhere in Mainland UK.

Coco Fuel
Price per bag of Coco Fuel pellets ‎is GBP 15.00 per bag (inclusive of delivery cost). Minimum order is 3 bags. Each bag gives 4-5 hours of grilling and smoking time.

Benefits of Coco Fuel over wood pellets or charcoal‎:
High energy,  clean combustion fuel derived from coconut with no deforestation of trees involved.

Where do you order from?:
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