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11 Jun

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Coconut Enterprises Limited has devoted itself to the promotion of quality coir products and the highest level of personalised service to its customers and is registered with the U.K. Environment Agency as a product supplier

8 Jun
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  • What is the composition of our exotic coco pellet fuel? It is made from coconut biomass and blended with wood and other agri dust processed from sustainable sources depending on the suppliers requirements.
  • How much space is required? One pallet wil
8 Jun
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  • Moisture Content; 13.3%
  • Gross CV; 17.47MJ/KG.
  • Bulk Density; 494kg/m3
  • Ash Content; 4.6%
  • Sulphur; 0.03%
  • Chlorine ; <0.01%
8 Jun
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Industrial Exotic Coco Pellet Fuel

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Our 6mm pellets can be supplied as bulk shipments and delivered via the nearest port to the customer. Samples of the shipment are analysed prior to the shipment to ensure quality control standards are met.