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8 Jun
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Coir Baskets

To Coir Interiors    

100% coir braid stitched together with jute thread.  Ideal as a waste paper basket.  Covers edged with green/plain coir border. (more…)

8 Jun
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Coir Rugs / Floor Coverings

To Coir Interiors    

 Reversible and hardwearing coir rugs made from three ply coir yarn braid and jute thread. (more…)

8 Jun
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Coir Braided Twine

Length: + 7m Wt: 0.3 kg Code; (hcotw) Three ply coir/cotton yarn braid.  Ideal as strong horticultural garden twine.
8 Jun
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Staple Pegs

Wt: 25 pegs/kg Code; (peg) Metal staple peg 12"/18".  Ideal for stabilising coir fabric onto hard/soft soil. Use approximately 4 staples per square meter.
8 Jun
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Coir Pollution Mat

Size: 180cm x 75cm Wt: 3.3 kg Type: close weave mesh Code; (hcopl) Coir fabric held up with stakes along river bed or spread across river.  Ideal as a sediment trap or silt fence thereby filtering and preventing large sediments
8 Jun
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Coir Turf Mat

Size: 180cm x 75cm Wt: 1kg Type: fibre mesh Code; (hcotf) Loose laid coir fabric fastened and secured onto ground with metal staple pegs.  Simply prepare the ground beforehand with nutrient coir and grass seeds/ shoots. Cover with
8 Jun
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Coir Seedling Roll

Size: 75cm x 30cm dia. Wt: 2.25 kg Type: regular mesh Code; (hcose) Coir fabric sewn up in the shape of a roll and filled with coir growth medium. Insert seeds & seedlings therein using nutrient coir as a potting compost within the roll. Ideal for presentations.
8 Jun
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Coir Crop Protection Fabric

Size: 180cm x 75cm Wt: 1.3 kg Type: regular weave mesh Code; (hcof) Ideal fabric for tunnel & fruit covers, bird mesh and ground cover. Simply staple to ground with stapling pegs (peg) or nail onto wooden poles to suit the application.
8 Jun
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Coir Plant Pot

Size: 25cm x 25cm dia. Wt: 0.75 kg Vol: 7.5 lt. Code; (hcopp) All purpose plant pot.  Made from coir braids.  Ideal for presentations, gardens & flower shows.  Simply fill with nutrient coir or other growth medium.  Ideal as insulation for plant pots during winter by inserting the plant pot within the coir fabric.
8 Jun
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Nutrient Enriched Koko Peat

Size: 20 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm Wt: 0.8 kg/ block Code; (hcob) Ideal all purpose potting compost & mulch for seeds, trees, shrubs & cuttings.  1 block makes 10 litres of coir.  Constitute using 2-3 litres of water.  Plant nutrients added. Min. Order: 24 blocks