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12 Jun

Our Products

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As part of our concept for expansion, we have teamed up with Akwill Company Limited which has been involved in the manufacture of COIR products for several years and are promoting the marketing of coir as a source of renewable energy and by the use of single ply coir yarn in horticulture, bio-engineering and interior decoration applications.

11 Jun

About Us

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Coconut Enterprises Limited has devoted itself to the promotion of quality coir products and the highest level of personalised service to its customers and is registered with the U.K. Environment Agency as a product supplier

9 Jun
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The natural choice for engineering the environment

Renewable fuel & environmental engineering with natural fibres

Coconut Enterprises Limited have been involved in the design, manufacture and sale of coir products for several years. The company promotes th

8 Jun
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Coir Rugs / Floor Coverings

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 Reversible and hardwearing coir rugs made from three ply coir yarn braid and jute thread. (more…)

8 Jun
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Landscape & Erosion Control Mats

Landscape & erosion control (ler) mats are made from brown lignified coir fibre. The fibre is extracted from coconut husks which are submerged in fresh water for a period of up to 10 months. 

8 Jun
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Close Weave Coir

Type: close weave coir * ( coir yarn )

Code; ler coirmesh cl

8 Jun
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Regular Weave Coir

Type: regular weave coir ( coir yarn )

Code; ler coirmesh r

8 Jun
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Coir Braided Twine

Length: + 7m Wt: 0.3 kg Code; (hcotw) Three ply coir/cotton yarn braid.  Ideal as strong horticultural garden twine.