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9 Jun
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The natural choice for engineering the environment

Renewable fuel & environmental engineering with natural fibres

Coconut Enterprises Limited have been involved in the design, manufacture and sale of coir products for several years. The company promotes th

8 Jun
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Landscape & Erosion Control Mats

Landscape & erosion control (ler) mats are made from brown lignified coir fibre. The fibre is extracted from coconut husks which are submerged in fresh water for a period of up to 10 months. 

8 Jun
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Natural Coir Fibre Roll

100% Natural coir fibre rolls used to break wave action, prevent soil loss on bottom of slopes and encourage vegetation growth... (more…)

8 Jun
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Coir Fibre Mesh

Type: coir fibre mesh ( coir fibre )

Code; ler coirmesh f

8 Jun
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Close Weave Coir

Type: close weave coir * ( coir yarn )

Code; ler coirmesh cl

8 Jun
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Regular Weave Coir

Type: regular weave coir ( coir yarn )

Code; ler coirmesh r

8 Jun
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Staple Pegs

Wt: 25 pegs/kg Code; (peg) Metal staple peg 12"/18".  Ideal for stabilising coir fabric onto hard/soft soil. Use approximately 4 staples per square meter.
8 Jun
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Coir Mulch Mat

Size: 180cm x 75cm Wt: 3.3 kg Type: close weave mesh Code; (hcomu) Coir fabric mesh cut to size and fastened onto ground with metal staple pegs, thereby blocking off light and preventing vegetation growth.  For persistent weeds, doub
7 Jun

Introduction to Coir Soil Stabilisation

We offer a complete consultancy and product supply service using our coir for soil stabilization processes  and products such as our natural coir geotextiles, coir nets and erosion control mats and fibres for a variety of natural erosion control,  revegetation and contaminated land processes.