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8 Jun
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  • What is the composition of our exotic coco pellet fuel? It is made from coconut biomass and blended with wood and other agri dust processed from sustainable sources depending on the suppliers requirements.
  • How much space is required? One pallet wil
8 Jun
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To Biomass Fuel    
We can provide advice on our pellet Fuel Storage which can be self built or bought.
8 Jun
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To Biomass Fuel    
  • Reductions of Carbon emissions.
  • Uses for Commercial and Domestic applications.
  • Combusts easily and with a constant heat.
  • Efficient and convenient.
  • Can be used for cofiring applications .
  • Clean and easy to handle.
  • Blends are composed
8 Jun
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Industrial Exotic Coco Pellet Fuel

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Our 6mm pellets can be supplied as bulk shipments and delivered via the nearest port to the customer. Samples of the shipment are analysed prior to the shipment to ensure quality control standards are met.
8 Jun
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Introduction to Biomass Fuel

To Biomass Fuel    

The exotic fuel is produced on license from Akwill Company Ltd. at the overseas factory and is used for domestic and industrial heating purposes.

For the domestic use, we will subsequently be providing availability for onlin