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8 Jun
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Landscape & Erosion Control Mats

Landscape & erosion control (ler) mats are made from brown lignified coir fibre. The fibre is extracted from coconut husks which are submerged in fresh water for a period of up to 10 months. 

8 Jun
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Coir Fibre Mesh

Type: coir fibre mesh ( coir fibre )

Code; ler coirmesh f

8 Jun
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Close Weave Coir

Type: close weave coir * ( coir yarn )

Code; ler coirmesh cl

8 Jun
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Regular Weave Coir

Type: regular weave coir ( coir yarn )

Code; ler coirmesh r

7 Jun

Introduction to Coir Fertilizers and Hydroponics

We provide a complete consultancy and product supply service using our coconut fibres and biomass for various landscaping and horticultural solutions involving the use of coconut based natural plant fertilizers and composts, grow bags, crop protection nets and seedling rolls for all gardening , commercial horticulture and landscape projects. See Coir Hydroponics Brochure