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8 Jun
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Natural Fibre Revegetation Pillow

100% Natural coir fibre growth medium within Regular Mesh Coir/Polypropylene Net Casing.  Use for revegetation in Rocky & Desert Areas... (more…)

8 Jun
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Coir Seedling Roll

Size: 75cm x 30cm dia. Wt: 2.25 kg Type: regular mesh Code; (hcose) Coir fabric sewn up in the shape of a roll and filled with coir growth medium. Insert seeds & seedlings therein using nutrient coir as a potting compost within the roll. Ideal for presentations.
8 Jun
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Coir Plant Pot

Size: 25cm x 25cm dia. Wt: 0.75 kg Vol: 7.5 lt. Code; (hcopp) All purpose plant pot.  Made from coir braids.  Ideal for presentations, gardens & flower shows.  Simply fill with nutrient coir or other growth medium.  Ideal as insulation for plant pots during winter by inserting the plant pot within the coir fabric.