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12 Jun

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As part of our concept for expansion, we have teamed up with Akwill Company Limited which has been involved in the manufacture of COIR products for several years and are promoting the marketing of coir as a source of renewable energy and by the use of single ply coir yarn in horticulture, bio-engineering and interior decoration applications.

9 Jun
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The natural choice for engineering the environment

Renewable fuel & environmental engineering with natural fibres

Coconut Enterprises Limited have been involved in the design, manufacture and sale of coir products for several years. The company promotes th

8 Jun
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  • Energy saving Trust.
  • Low carbon Buildings Programme.
  • Support for non domestic biomass heating ; www.nie-yourenergy.co.uk.
8 Jun
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We can provide energy advice on the use of our fuel for various homes businesses and industries. For heating purposes ,we can deliver to various locations all over the UK from our warehouse in Peterborough .We also have several distributors in West
8 Jun
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Introduction to Biomass Fuel

To Biomass Fuel    

The exotic fuel is produced on license from Akwill Company Ltd. at the overseas factory and is used for domestic and industrial heating purposes.

For the domestic use, we will subsequently be providing availability for onlin