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About Us

Coconut Enterprises Limited has devoted itself to the promotion of quality coir products and the highest level of personalised service to its customers and is registered with the U.K. Environment Agency as a product supplier.

As part of our concept for expansion, we have teamed up with Akwill Company Limited which has been involved in the manufacture of COIR products for several years and are promoting the marketing of coir for renewable energy solutions and by the use of single ply coir yarn in horticulture, bio-engineering and interior decoration applications.

With a view to competitive costs , and towards our global expansion, we are operating in several continents. Direct contact with our fulfillment & dispatch house is fastest by email, however surface mail / showroom order placement is also ideal.

Our alliance with Akwill Limited ensures that we have the capacity to supply & install manufactured goods to order and the technical expertise to resolve any questions concerning any of our renewable fuels or any of the other environmental applications using coir geotextile or agrotextile.



Geotextile Stabilisation